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Join the E-volution! The traditional resume just won’t cut it anymore

Join the E-Volution!   The traditional resume just won’t cut it anymore

Rip up Resume

So you have 5 years experience in marketing and you want to apply for a job posting you saw on a website.  You don’t know anyone at that company to get you an “in”.  The average job posting has 200 applicants, so how does your experience look on paper?  Well, the traditional resume looks like this:

Sample Resume

How are you going to stand out among the other Marketing professionals in the same boat?

Well there are several ways to optimize your job search and SuccessorE Inc. includes them in their free eBook:  How to stand out in the competitive Job market:  http://www.successore.com/help/free-ebook.html

SuccessorE Inc. provides a platform for candidates to stand out well beyond their resume to showcase the package of what they have to offer.  Introducing the eResumeTM, they allow recruiters to practically have the interview at first glance:


Hiring Managers will get a much better sense of the candidate, who they are and what they have to offer their organization.  The candidate gets to put their best foot forward when there’s only one chance to make a first impression.

Sources state that recruiters prefer video or electronic resumes (http://www.recruitingblogs.com/profiles/blogs/benefits-of-video-resume-over)

The eResumeTM isn’t just for Marketers.  Anyone can use it to stand out among other candidates.  With the end of the University and College year nearing, thousands of new grads are about to hit the job market looking for work and with limited experience, an eResumeTM might just make the difference.

SuccessorE is offering a free 10 day trial to create your eResumeTM .  They offer new clients a series of emails that will help them create each piece of their eResumeTM including best practices and video tutorials.  You can also have SuccessorE create your eResume for you if you  need that extra help.

Stand out in the job market and create an eResumeTM today.

SuccessorE Inc. is a Calgary Alberta based Company and is proud to offer a percentage of profits to not-for-profit organizations.  Contact us at www.successore.com or info@successore.com .