Using Video for your Resume – The highs and lows

We are often asked about whether it’s really a good idea to use video for your resume.  Many recall the laughing stock of Wall Street who’s video resume went viral… a BAD way.

Business Failure

However, there are times when a video for your resume DOES help.

A video resume is mainly important when and if your personality, speaking skills and presence are desired attributes for a job.  Typically, this would include postings such as customer service, sales, marketing or any leadership position where you’d have to present your ideas to teams or large groups.

What’s important is to determine whether a video resume would help or hinder your chances in a job search.  For example, do your personality and communication skills help you stand out from other candidates?  Would a video resume be off-putting (is the company very traditional or non-technical in nature)?

Here are some tips on how to create an effective video for your resume:

Remember, all parts of SuccessorE’s eResumeTM are optional.  Only use them when appropriate and if they will give you a better chance of standing out based on what the job requires.

Have you tried video for your resume?  Was the experience good or bad?  We’re interested in your stories.  Please comment below.

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