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SuccessorE provides a customizable eResume™ that helps you to develop your online presence and increase your job search effectiveness.

Our easy to use web-based eResume™ tool allows you to showcase your presence, skills and abilities beyond the traditional resume by including a media-rich, interactive portfolio of samples, videos, photos and more. Control access to prospective employers and increase your chance of interview by gaining a competitive edge.

Stand out in the job market.

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How Does it Work?

Think of SuccessorE as your online management tool for everything about the "Professional You". Keep all of your important professional work information in one place, inlcuding documents, links, letters of reference and profile photos. We refer to these as your "eResources", which are categorized as:

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Traditional Resumes:

The standard PDF or word-processing document that everyone sends to prospective employers.


SuccessorE provides a document library where you can upload and store documents and samples of your work that help to demonstrate your capabilities to prospective employers.

Profile Photos:

Include a profile photo of yourself to help prospective employers put a face to your name.


SuccessorE provides a unique and simple way to request and manage references from past employers and colleagues.


We've gathered some of the most commonly asked questions by today's employers.  Select from the eInterview questions you want to include answers with each version on an eResume™ you create.

Introduction Videos:

This is a great way to introduce yourself & stand out from the crowd. Produce a short introductory video, post it on YouTube™, and then easily include it in your e-Resume™.


If there are useful existing points of reference on-line that you'd like to show people, this is the place to keep a list, and include them as required.