Creating an effective YouTube Video

Creating an effective YouTube Video for your eResume

Creating a video as part of your eResumeTM can help you introduce yourself to recruiters and employers.  Think of it as your chance to have the interview before they even call you. A video can convey what words can’t, personality and creativity. In order to create an effective video resume on YouTube, there are important factors and tips to consider.

Getting Started

For a video resume, a video recording device is needed. You can use a video camera, a digital camera, a video camera phone, or a computer web cam that will record. It’s best to use a device that will display the candidate clearly with a high resolution. The video should not be blurry or too small. If using a phone to record the videos, it is important for applicants to use a format easily transferrable and supported on computers to avoid viewing and downloading errors. The voice clarity of the recording device is as important as the picture quality. It is a good idea to do an initial voice recording just to check sound quality. A microphone is a good investment to buy or rent if the voice quality of the intended video recorder isn’t suitable.

The surroundings of the video are also important. The space in which the video is recorded should be uncluttered. Anything added into the shot should be relevant to the job position. If recorded at home, use a room with a blank wall or that’s not overly personalized. The kitchen probably isn’t the best spot to record; neither is in front of the television. If at all possible use a more professional space such as a home office, school or business.

The lighting in the area is important as well. A space with lots of light will work best. A candidate can turn all the lights on in the room or even use a space with great natural lighting. Make sure the lights are not focused in one spot to avoid creating shadows.


Think of a video resume as an interview where the potential employee comes up with all of the topics of conversation. That being said, a potential hire should dress appropriately for the interview. Dress for the industry being pursued and wear what you would to the interview.

Creativity Tips

Video resumes shouldn’t be much longer than two to three minutes maximum. It should provide a glimpse of a person’s capabilities beyond what the traditional resume, which can be used strictly as a guide, already states. A script can be used for practicing, but the final product should be conversational and natural.

Creativity is encouraged, but a person shouldn’t go overboard. If he’s pursuing a conservative career, the video resume should be conservative, while still showcasing your personality. For creative career paths, the videos can be more adventurous but need to maintain professionalism.

This is your chance to tell the recruiter why you’re right for the job. Focus on your strengths, key deliverables or major projects and ensure you mention any major accomplishments that you’re able to quantify.  Now that you know how to record the video portion of your eResumeTM, login to get started!


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