Interview Tips

Tips on Answering the most common Interview questions

Employers use job interviews to determine if a person has the right skills to perform specific job functions successfully and to conclude what type of personality an individual has and if it will be right for their company.  SuccessorE includes 5 of the most frequently asked Interview questions and gives you an opportunity to answer them in a thoughtful and targeted manner.

Remember to think of the type of job you are applying for and the skills the recruiter or hiring manager want to see from you.  Use any opportunity you have to include examples of this in your eResumeTM.  Especially in the interview questions.

Below are tips that will help you prepare for the top 5 interview questions.

  1. How do you make important decisions? Please give an example. 
    You want to make sure the answer you choose illustrates your work ethic. The best examples would address the importance of gathering and examining all aspects of a situation in order to come up with the best solutions possible.
  2. What is your greatest strength? Give an example of a skill or accomplishment that specifically corresponds with the position being offered. Finish answering the question by including how your biggest strength has helped you perform your jobs thus far.
  3. What is your greatest weakness? Turn a negative question into a positive answer. Answer honestly while exuding a willingness to learn and improve. Find a weakness that won’t hinder the position you are applying for. Refrain from embellishing as the interviewer may check your answer with previous employers.
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
    Be sure not to exaggerate or sound desperate. Instead express interest and show ambition for the particular field you are applying for. Give examples of how successful you’ve been so far and elaborate on your achievements and how they will help you attain future goals.
  5. What are your greatest accomplishments in your career?
    Employers are trying to determine how well you stand out from the rest and how suited you are for meeting the company’s needs. Be sure to answer as relevant and specific as possible. Stir from any answers not related to the position being offered. Describe what your previous job(s) was and how you were able to achieve the results you did. Make sure all the accomplishments you provide accent each other.

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