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How to Take a Professional Head shot of yourself

With an increased focus on recruiting over Social Media, a professional looking photo puts the final polish on your eResumeTM.  If possible, have a family member or friend help you take your photo.  If you are unable to get help, here are some Dos and Don’ts on how to take a professional head shot of yourself:


  • Take advantage of the technology:

Your digital camera resting on a table may be all you need to take a great shot – set the timer and go!  Today’s smart phones have excellent picture quality, as do computers webcams. 

  • Pose in an open stance:  

To put your best foot forward: Take a professional head shot of yourself that is lined-up with the camera pointed below eye-level and with your head turned to one side. This shows you’re open and accessible.

  • Choose a plain background with natural light:

Grays, blacks and whites are best.  Outdoor shots are okay but void activity in the background like shooting on busy city streets.


  • Take multiple shots:

Shoot your head shot from different angles, perspectives, and various locations using different clothing options and remember to center your face in the middle of the frame – you can edit it later.


  • Dress the part:

Wear clothing that fits the industry and is appropriate for the job you’re seeking.  Avoid distracting collars, busy ties and scarves.  


  • Get a good night’s sleep:

Look refreshed and rested without bags under the eyes.  Get your “beauty sleep".

  • Relax and Smile:

Look into the camera and smile naturally – too big might seem that you’re trying too hard.  Warm and friendly is what you’re going for.


  • Crop yourself out of a photo:

Crops are obvious and come across as unprofessional.  You want your perspective employer to see you're conscientious and if hired, you wouldn’t cut corners on the job either.


  • Wear flashy jewelry or too much makeup:

Keep jewelry and makeup understated and conservative. Your makeup should be natural and sophisticated.


Once you’ve imported the photos to your computer…



  • Remove red-eye or change effects:

There's a lot of great photo editing software online like Google+.which is easy to use.  You can enhance colors, make light corrections, adjust contrast and more.  Also Mac's iPhoto has editing features that are user-friendly; fix red-eye and change effects from color to black & white with a click of a button.   


Hello World

Now that you know how to take a professional head shot of yourself you can proudly add it to your eResumeTM and land the job of your dreams!


Need more help?  Watch the demo here:

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