Tips for writing an effective resume

Tips for writing an effective resume

A resume is a reflection of the person whose name is at the top. A recruiter or HR professional will typically look at a resume the first time for less than 20 seconds. That initial look determines if the resume goes in the follow-up pile or into the discard pile. Making your resume stand out of the crowd can be a challenge.

Here are eight tips for writing an effective resume that will grab a reader's attention:

  1. Keep it simple. Visually, the resume should be clean with plenty of white space. Recruiters want to see no more than two pages on a resume. Each section should provide pertinent information in a concise manner. Choose an easy to read professional font.
  2. Customize the resume for each job. Many make the mistake of writing one resume and sending it off to each job listing they come across. The problem is that the first person reading it is usually looking for certain things. Reflect the wording in the job listing in your resume. That will grab their attention and get your resume on the follow-up pile instead of the discard one.
  3. Give the most details about your recent positions and less about older ones. With a limited amount of space, you want to emphasize the information employers are most interested in. What you did in your last couple of jobs is of most interest than what you did on the first job you had out of high school.
  4. Be completely honest. Employers routinely run background checks on anyone being considered for hiring. They call past employers. They follow up on references. Any deviation from what you say on your resume and what they see in the background check can prevent you from getting a job.
  5. Use facts and numbers. Instead of saying you saved your past employer a lot of money, give the figures behind that claim. It shows exactly what you did and what you are capable of.
  6. Optimize your resume for electronic submission. Today, many employers want resumes sent electronically. If they receive paper copies, they scan it in their system. Make sure your resume looks good on paper as well as in electronic form.
  7. Be sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Have multiple people read it. Run it through grammar and spell checkers. Mistakes can cause the resume to go into the discard pile.

Once you are done writing your resume, it’s suggested you convert it to PDF (or read only) format prior to uploading it to SuccessorE.  Login now to get started.


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