Marketing your eResumeā„¢

Marketing your eResume™

Now that you’ve created your eResume™, it’s time to get it out there!  Here are some tips on how to market your eResume™.

Linking to SuccessorE

The best way to get employers to look at your online resume (eResume™) is by linking to it from other sources, such as professional networks like Linkedin and Facebook. You could also include links to your eResume™ if you are applying for jobs using recruitment software that have been set up by companies. Simply create a share link and paste it into the recruiting software. This allows you to drive traffic to your SuccessorE resume and monitor how many views it has had.

Referencing Your eResume

Sometimes you may only have the opportunity to provide your traditional resume, whether it’s a restriction in the recruiting software or a request for a paper copy. However, you can always include a link to your eResume at the top of your traditional resume which will give recruiters and hiring Managers another opportunity to see much more than your credentials and work history. Again, make sure to create a unique share link so you can track where your views are coming from.

 Email Signatures

One of the best ways to market yourself is to post a brief summary of your services and a link to your SuccessorE resume in your email signatures. This means that when you are networking with others through email you will always be promoting yourself. Email signatures can be custom designed to your own specifications and provide the perfect way to market yourself consistently. This also means that when you make inquiries and write cover letters to companies you will be giving them another opportunity to see much more than your cover letter and traditional resume.

Now that you’re ready to market your eResume, login to create unique share links for each of these items.  Not sure how?  Here’s help  or watch our demo here:


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