Supporting documents

Get the most from your eResume™ supporting documents

In this digital age an online resume is an essential asset to any job hunt. This can give employers easy access to essential information which can help you get that all important interview. With an eResume™ from SuccessorE you can easily upload samples of your work to showcase specific deliverables you have produced throughout your career. This will increase the chance of grabbing an employer’s attention, and will certainly make you stand out over the competition.

Work Samples

One of the most important aspects of a resume is being able to provide previous samples of work. Some companies will state exactly what they would like during the application process, while others may not. Make sure the documents you are uploading are 100% your work, do not have any proprietary information within them and showcase skills/talents specified in the job posting or profession you are seeking employment in.

Using Social Networks

Besides uploading specific examples of your work, you can also post your LinkedIn profile link, professional website or other URLs to SuccessorE. 

Qualification Certificates

Most jobs will require the applicant to have specific qualifications or certification. This will help the employer narrow down their search to find the most suitable candidates for a position. Although most companies won't request to see the “real” qualification certificates, they may like to see scanned copies. Once any applicable certificates are scanned, you can upload them to your SuccessorE eResume™.

Awards / Recognition

You may also include any awards or written recognition you have received from previous employers.  You can either scan the paper copies of these items or upload them if you have them in electronic format.  Make sure these go beyond the ordinary “Thank-you” email and address major wins instead.

Now that you know what to include in your Samples, login to your eResume™ to get started!  Need more help?  Watch the demo here:

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