Managing References

Managing Your References.

eReferences are a unique way for you to add personalized references to your eResume™. Successore provides for two primary ways to add references to your resource library, which you can then include in your eResume's

Request a reference using email. provides a highly personalized way to manage references from people using your own email address. Use the following steps to request references using email:

  1. From your eResume, in the "My eReferences" section, click the "Add Reference" button.
    Adding a new reference via email - step 1
  2. In the Edit eResume™ eReferences window, check "Request Comments via Email", and then fill out the three fields related to the reference.
    Request a reference with an email link
  3. The eRefernce request is then added to your eResources, and generates a link which you can copy and paste into an email, which you send to your referee in request of a reference. It's important to send this email from your own inbox so that you can inlcude a personalized message. The link will look something like this: It's encoded to ensure each eReference request link is unique.
    Generate Reference Request Link
  4. The referee then simply clicks the link that you include in your email to them, which will load a page in their web-browser that looks like this:
    Reference completion form
  5. Once your referee has completed their reference, your eReference is ready to be included in your eResume™. will email you a notification to let you know when someone has completed a reference request. When you receive the email, log back into your account, and display the reference to viewers. To do this, select the "edit" link next to the reference, and check the "Display to Viewers" checkbox.
    eReference - Display to viewers
  6. All done! Your eReference will now display in your eResume™.

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Use an existing reference letter or file.

If you have an existing reference letter, perhaps in the form of a PDF file, or as a printed letter that you have scanned, you can also upload these and link them to your eResume.

  1. From the same edit window, select the "Upload Reference" option, and then select the reference letter file that you would like to upload.
    Uploading Reference Files
  2. Uploaded references are immediately available for use in your eResume™, all you need to do is select the "Display to viewers" option, and it will be included as a link in your eResume.